An example of good practice from the city of Snina – Creation of a city park together with citizens

Since the beginning of the year, the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for the Development of Civil Society has been organizing educational activities for local governments, where every month it offers education on another topic in which the local government could improve. In October 2021, an online discussion was held on the topic of PARTICIPATION AND PUBLIC SPACES.

As part of this discussion, the City of Snina was able to present the participants with an example of participation in the creation of public space through a vote on the design of the new Central Climate Park in Snina, which took place in August and September this year.

You can watch the presentation of the City of Snina “An Example of Good Practice from the City of Snina – Creating a city park with citizens” from the 40-minute recording of the online discussion on the YouTube channel NP PARTI USV ROS.