Action plan

It is both a challenge and an opportunity for the city of Snina to become an innovative city and look for solutions for adaptation measures for better preparedness for climate change at the regional level, which will contribute not only to the city itself but also to the Horný Zemplín region. When drawing up the Climate Change Preparedness Action Plan, it is necessary to clarify what specific investment and non-investment measure the city needs to take to improve the quality of life of its citizens. At the same time, how to make Snina an attractive place for visitors and use its convenient location for tourism on the Slovak – Polish – Ukrainian border near the International Biosphere Reserve Eastern Carpathians.

The project partner, the Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomic Research (NIBIO – Norsk institutt for bioøkonomi), will be directly involved in the process of preparing and implementing the action plan. NIBIO is a research institute focused on food security and climate change, which is part of the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The institute is involved in research projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. As part of the project, this partnership will provide its know-how for coordination, surveys, technical assistance and support in the preparation and implementation of the action plan.

Creating an action plan is a mandatory activity of the project, in which the expert team, after a thorough analysis, designs and implements measures to improve the climate in the urban environment using tools such as climate maps, analyzes or an external monitoring. The activity also includes the exchange of experiences, monitoring of activities and consultations with a Norwegian partner.

The city of Snina will work with a Norwegian partner on a comprehensive integrated climate change adaptation system to bring new innovative approaches to protecting municipalities from floods, droughts and climate change, as an important part of urban spatial planning.

The Snina City Climate Preparedness Action Plan will propose solutions for improving the climate in the urban environment and adapting to climate change. It will include an analysis of the potential use of rainwater for the restoration of Snina in climate change, as well as implementation principles of the investment program for each district with funding options, technical solutions for selected projects and activities, as well as presentation and opposition with the participation of Norwegian partner to approve the action plan city council. One of the outputs of the Action Plan will be an evaluation of the current and possible new approach to the green care system.

The city of Snina is involved in the Pesticide-Free Zone program and is currently implementing the “Feeling Maps” project, the results of which will be used as input for the action plan. As part of the new zoning plan, the city is preparing collective and individual housing and e-mobility solutions. All other objectives must therefore be implemented systematically while respecting the urgent need for preparedness for climate change.

In addition to the Norwegian partner, a second project partner will be involved in this activity – the Roman Catholic parish of the Exaltation of St. Cross. The aim of the city is also to address organizations and institutions in Snina, which could be involved in this activity, as they are the owners of buildings, gardens or forests.