Energy saving and smart solutions

The number of visitors to Snina has increased significantly in recent years. This is mainly due to tourists and visitors who come to visit the Poloniny National Park, the Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area, the “Carpathian Highway”, the Dark Sky Park, the organic swimming pool in the Rybníky recreation area, as well as many other investments in natural and cultural heritage, is within the support of regional tourism.

With a growing number of tourists and visitors, it is necessary to modernize the existing and at the same time build a new modern, innovative infrastructure. At the same time, Snina is also one of the supporters of the Poloniny Dark Sky Park, where the city has committed itself to implement activities that, based on cooperation with the Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné, will reduce light pollution of the sky.

The following adaptive investment measures will be implemented within the framework of energy-saving and smart solutions, as well as the support of low-emission transport:

  • Reconstruction of public lighting “RVO 07”“RVO 12”, “RVO 35”, “RVO 15”
  • Electric cars
  • Electric bikes

The construction of a charging station for electric vehicles in one of the car parks by the main square, as well as charging stations for electric bicycles planned in the Sninské rybníky recreational area, will support low-emission transport within the Sniny urban area. To improve energy efficiency and reduce light smog, the installation of energy-saving elements will also contribute through a comprehensive reconstruction of public lighting , including the replacement of sodium bulbs with LED bulbs and the installation of lighting control systems.