The people of Snina care about their city. Therefore, they did not hesitate for a long time and joined as volunteers in the planting of new trees, which supplemented the already existing avenues of trees on three streets in the city districts Sídlisko I and Sídlisko II. They contributed not only to the beautification of the public space, but mainly to the better preparedness of Snina for climate change.

On Tuesday morning, that is, on the first day of the “100 trees for Snina” event, the mayor of Snina herself, Ing. Daniela Galandová. Subsequently, she was joined by the present members of the city council, employees of the city office, representatives of local churches, members of various cultural and social organizations, as well as volunteers from the public. On Wednesday, representatives of schools and kindergartens also tried out the planting together with their students.

The planting of trees, on such a large scale and in such a short time, also showed the professionalism of the employees of the municipal company Verejnoprospeshné práce Snina, s.r.o., who ensured the preparatory, implementation and finishing works of the planting itself.

The procured lindens and maples were planted with the whole package in already dug pits measuring 50 x 50 cm. The weight of one tree with a bale was 60-70 kg. Compost clay was then poured under the planted tree and the tree was anchored using three wooden stakes reinforced with straps according to the prescribed standard. After planting, the trees had to be thoroughly watered to settle the soil and squeeze out all the air bubbles.   

A big thank you to all the volunteers. They are an inspiration for us with their approach and have shown that they care about our city, its climate and a healthier life. They also left their legacy for future generations of Snina residents.

The planting of two avenues of trees was possible thanks to the project “Snina – a city that is ready for climate change” financed by Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget, as part of the park revitalization activity.