Flood protection measures

The overheating of the urban environment produces heat, which pushes the clouds into the surrounding environment in the mountains, where strong storms often form, which, when spilt, can cause local floods.

Climate change is also manifested by local instability and the occasional pouring of water into fields or populated parts of the area. By inappropriate spatial planning and enabling the construction of individual and collective housing by watercourses without sufficient measures, areas with an increased risk of floods are created in the urban area. Within Snina, the most vulnerable are Štúrova Street, where there is a Roma settlement between the Cirocha River and the Tarnovský Stream.

Measures against floods in urban areas are key to protecting the lives and property of the population. Therefore, the planned adaptive flood protection measures include:

Implementation of a dry polder on the Tarnovský stream

The implementation of the dry polder will achieve periodic flooding and retention of excessive runoff with the possibility of regulating the gradual runoff by torrential downpours to the nearby river. The construction of the upper right bank of the river and the biotechnical modification of the Tarnovský brook will create a wetland and its connection with the Cirocha river by pumping. The implementation of sufficient flood protection measures minimizes the risk of future problems that come with flash floods.